Mr Blake's Chariots

Mr. Blake saw invisible chariots on the sky
driven by unseen charioteers.

Himself he saw as a slim wisp of a ashen

And nevertheless took himself for a charioteer
riding high, grand and lonely.

A poem by Carl Sandburg written, I think, on his impressions of the Poet William Blake.
There are some new Bios on the life of another "charioteer", slash " opium charioteer", "riding high, grand and lonely". The one and only Hunter S. Thompson.

Riding my own "opium chariot" of sorts in the 60s and 70s, I ran into allot of these characters in the Wild Wild West; Allen Ginsburg, Gary Synder, William Burroughs, Allan Watts, Richard Brautigan.

My path never crossed Hunter S. Thompsons, Old Thom, was surely "riding high, grand and lonely". Maybe, unknown as a person, really, to even his wife and friends. It is that way for me anyways.

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