Hell out West

Our Hells

Milton unlocked hell for us
and let us have a look.
Dante did the same.
Each of these hells is special.
One is Milton's, one Dante's.
Milton put in all that for him
was hell on earth.
Dante put in all that for him
was hell on earth.
If you unlock your hell for me

They will be two special hells,
Each of us showing what for us
is hell on earth.
Yours is one hell, mine another.

Carl Sandburg, the most just, enlightened and connected person to live on earth in the 20Th Century. Often when reading his stuff my mind leaves the world, lapsing into long train rides in the Wild Wild West
looking at Buffaloes, smelling Pine Trees, sleeping on Indian Blankets.

He like his heroes, Whitman and Lincoln had something that seems to have dried up today!

There might be some who call Lincoln, a poetic and soulful version of George Bush ( I like G.B., he has potential, I think he needs to go back to his ranch in Texas and do some serious reflection and screwing around ).

Where are Vision, Heart and Soul today? How has Sandburg, Lincoln and Whitman evolved into Jason
Timberlake, Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton? ( I like her though, she has potential!). Are we living in Elliot's Wasteland, are we having fun yet out there?

I am only having fun in my head, riding a "opium chariot" somewhere in a holding pattern.

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