Thursday, November 22, 2007

To all my Friends!

"To all my friends", (quote from the film, "Barfly" screen play by Sir Charles Bukowski). This said, with his ughly head half cocked, peeking through a hole in the Universal Haze, wondering if there is anything out there?

My name is Miles Pepper. I once went to a poetry reading by the great Buk on the the North Side of Chicago. It was like a Beat Church Service of sort. When it was time to pass the basket some poor slob offered Buk a Pint, Buk of course took a big draw ( this is the stuff that image is built on right?)

At the end of the reading I took Buk aside and asked him how he made it through life? " One Candy Bar a Day!" Ain't it the truth now boys and girls?

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