I bet Iris Murdoch had fun!

My lot of favorite folks are heretics, lunatics, pagans and the poor. The rich have too many crosses to bear to have much fun.

Last night I watched the film, "Iris" about Iris Murdoch.

Iris's fiction doesn't appeal to me, but, her philosophy of life is marvelous. She and her husband, John Bailey, were a couple of Loons frolicking in fields of Poppy and Lavender Clover.

Iris like, Tolstoy and Orwell, was a visionary who loved words and lived in a world of her own invention, not unlike heretics, lunatics and pagans. She refused to be contained by institutions of church or state, because her vision was the food that sustained her. A true Bohemian ahead of her time, a non monogamous lover, loving, who ever she wanted.

Irish borrowed from Plato's "forms". She gave the "absolutes" a most marvelous twist, which I know to be true.
Perhaps we all are exposed to collective memories of "goodness" before we are born. My own twist on these collective memories is " flying with Angels" in "goodness", heroic, Celtic, incorrigible, only to be thoroughly corrupted by the material world from birth onwards . Emily Dickinson also touches on this in her belief that babies come into the world with perfectly clean consciousness that is corrupted as time goes on.

Iris believed we could focus on pure " form" memory as we aspire and become whole, living in " goodness form" as much as possible.

Cheers Iris, you got it kid! I bet you and that loony husband of yours, John Bailey, had allot of fun!

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