Carl Sandburg, dated, but at the door of new stars!


The washerwomen is a member of the Salvation Army.
And over the tub of suds rubbing underwear clean
She sings that Jesus will wash her sins away
And the red wrongs she has done God and man
Shall be white as the driven snow.
Rubbing underwear she sings of the Last Great Washday.

Grieg Being Dead

Grieg being dead we may speak of him and his art.

Grieg being dead we can talk about whether he was any good
or not.

Grieg being with Ibsen, Bjornson, Lief Ericson and the rest,

Grieg being dead does not care a hell's hoot what we say.

Morning, Spring, Antira's Dance,

He dreams them at the doors of new stars.

If I was Oprah when reading ole Carl Sandburg I might say " go boy go"!
Help route this burdensome journey of mine, with all of its aches and pains to the door of new stars supreme!

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