Lying in Media, Industry, Church and on your own!

Today I wrote a comment at E Online in reference to a story about the Rolling Stones switching music labels. I basically said I have been a fan of their music since the 60s. But as far as Rock Bands in general, fuck em (self censored using fu*k), Aerosmith, The Bloody Beatles, any of em, who cares! a bunch of androgynous minstrels performing for your benefit when you tune in, little puppets on stage. And from my end, without much pay going their way. Since I have bought bootlegged DVDs for the last ten years living in Asia.
I then went on to say what pleasure I get out of pimping Rock Bands and the Record Executive pussies (using pu*sies to self censor) out of their royalties by buying bootlegs. E Online took the comment off the page as they censor most of my post. E Online is hardly a forum to pimp the Recording Industry and brag about buying bootlegs!
Another thought on censorship is in reference to a story told by Peter wolf about Keith Richards, how he pulled a Bowie Knife on a DJ playing mostly Disco and not much Rock n Roll at a party in the 80s. He was right to do that, but he is Keith Richards and I am not, so he can go uncensored through life (I know I have done more time than him). Bands like the Stones fought against censorship and look at em now, pandering to superficial social rags like E Online.
Sometimes it feels like history leads us nowhere, it just doubles down! So cut down the mother fucken Cherry Tree Abe and do yourself a favor, lie about it, cause if you can't lie you will never make it in America or the World for that matter. Even the Pope is a good liar, he bends Biblical Truth to benefit the Church right? And the bloody tent preachers in America, Billy Graham, Jerry Farwell and that lot, total bullshit, total grap, turning good people into Ugly Americans to make a buck. Predators praying on fear. The Liturgy of Lies goes on and trust me it's endless.
Just a personal note here* Even though I haven't lied too much that I can think of, oh maybe I bend the truth once in awhile. I do buy bootleg, so that makes me just as bad as any of the bad guys who lie (I know what the truth is, it frees me). I am worse than the liars and like it, I am shameless and without guilt or remorse, I can screw my brains out all night long on crack with a crack ho, and wake up and go to Mass (just kidding there, just a "Bad Lieutenant" movie fantasy/dream) . Screwing your wife or long time girl friend involves much more lying than screwing a crack ho. And it sure as hell cost more! There is allot of lying incurrent in traditional button down screwing, screwing is all about lying on every level, and is a bootleg proof industry.
Watching Jim Cramer last night on CNBC railing on the CEOs of City Bank and Merrill Lynch for being a bunch of fucking liars. Saying that he could car less if he loses his job over it, and that he was sick and tired of watching these people lie. Cramer went totally off the edge, falling off his chair (I loved it because that kind of behavior is so rare with the button down geek set).
Jimmy Cramer, GOD BLESS you son , you are a true American Hero! The Rodeo Clown of Wall Street!

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