Sleeping Colossus! Da Stuff Heart is made of!

"Seabiscuit floated along in a state of contented bovine torpor. Sleeping was his favorite pastime. He could keel over ( most horses sleep standing up) and snooze for hours on end. While other race horses at the track raised hell demanding breakfast, he slept long and late, stretching out over the floor of his stall in such deep sedation that the grooms had to use every means in their power to get him to stand up."

"He may have been a amiable little horse, but his career prospects looked dim. He was as slow as growing grass, he barely kept up with training partners, lagging along behind in happy ineptitude. "

Seabiscuit went on to become da winninist horse is history. His story is one of great heart overcoming mental and physical handicaps and patient trainers who took time to understand the sleeping colossus of a horse, bringing out the champ that lay waiting inside da Biscuit.
Maybe there is a "champ" in all of us really, maybe allot of us were knocked down by mean trainers or keepers, parents, institutions, jobs, systems or just bad luck. Certainly for those who have charge of or take care of others, a little tolerance, love and understanding can go a long way to pave a future.
The stuff of Seabicuit is the stuff of big hearts and cruelty! Man on the moon size hearts and cruelty. If you look at the day to day dynamic of the human and animal world it is gut wrenching. The cruelty and insensitivity, people to people, people to animal, it is enough to fill Niagara Falls with tears. And on the other hand, you have all of the nurturing and caring that goes on in this world, maybe in the future kindness will replace cruetly. This is the stuff that heart is made of!
The quotes were taken from "Seabiscuit, A American Legend" by Laura Hillenbrand

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