Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen

" When you were with Steve you had a feeling that he could go in any direction and anything could happen. He had a lit-rocket quality about him".
" Steve swung back and forth between being a hippie and a the Fuhrer".    

Steve McQueen was born during the depression, abandoned by his father before birth, raised by his mother, a homeless alcoholic whore. It's very hard to get much of a handle on this guy. He was two fish swimming in opposite directions. But it seems being raised by a drunken whore left Steve with allot of self loathing, anger and frustration. The drunken whore, Satan, the fear of the dark all drove him, the shit worked the dudes head over real good.

McQueen was dumb fucked by his bi polarity doing good and bad things. He would donate huge sums of money to the Chino Orphanage were he spent a few years, and then, screw people out of the smallest sums of money, always keeping a tab on index cards with pencil. 

Another life long pursuit for Steve was fucking everything that moved. The Rolling Stones wrote a song about McQueen called "Fuck a Star" I think the lyrics are "Fuck a Star, Fuck a Star, Fuck a Star" they might have even mentioned his name in the song. He liked the Stones, always getting back stage passes when they came to LA. 

McQueen was on the same type of daily regimen as Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, starting the day with a poke of vitamin B12 and C, grapefruit, breakfast, booze, a few lines, roll a few joints. Then some meditation or fucking with the bitch of the moment in the hot tub. Preferentially, when it came to getting wasted McQueen liked Peyote, Hunter liked acid. McQueen drank Old Milwaukee Beer, Hunter drank Vodka. Both were life long smokers. I don't think they ever meet, but am sure they would have had a wild ass rip roaring, tooting, bonging, drunken session beyond comprehension of normal folks. 

Steve's attitude towards women was that of a "double standard". He always wanted his bitches to be absolutely loyal, stay at home and keep the fire stoked while he was fucking a whole city at a time. I find this "double standard" thing to be old fashioned.(My wife and I have a open relationship but draw the line at midgets, retards and animals). McQueen beat the holy shit out of his first wife Neile when he found out she was fucking Maximilian Schnell. Why bother? Bloodshed for screwing? Very odd! McQueen is dead now, Schnell and Neile are both old bats, what the fuck makes the difference forty years later? Was a thirty minute fuck on the side reason enough to bull whip your old lady? I guess doing allot of Peyote magnifies things. Steve went on to fuck his way through Hollywood and Aspen, a cast of a thousand hos.

McQueen reflected the twisted nature of Hollywood. He wanted it all, got it all, then shit on it all. He liked to downplay his stardom hanging out with mechanics and desert dwelling Navajos. One time to show his distain for High Society life, he drove his Harley Shovel Head into Elaine's in New York City drunk. The fumes from that old Shovel Head engine must have tarnished the  High Society fucker's High Balls and Tuxedos. 

Ted Turner once said in reference to cable TV, "I was in Cable before Cable was cool". McQueen was doing peyote, coke, reefer "before it was cool" in the fifties. He loved riding dirt bikes into the California Desert to score from the Navajo. Constantly downing Old Milwaukee. This beer is on par with Mad Dog 20-20. Even Schlitz and Pabst taste better. I think he should have been drinking Coors, I don't know where he went wrong there.

Like many people born in the depression McQueen was a Chinaman in the way he handled money, counting every penny, continually suing people, pounding out rhythms on his Abacas. When he died at 50 something, his money didn't mean a fucking thing except to the vultures hanging on his God Damn carcass. 

Looking at a guy like McQueen you realize that being cool doesn't mean a whole lot. And that most people who think they are cool aren't. Steve should have tried to be cool like the Dali Lama or Herbert Hunky . Somehow he never learned the lesson that anger just leads to bad death and incarnation. Steve McQueen cool yes, enlightened, not in the slightest.

"The Getaway" the film in which McQueen met his second wife Ali McCraw,(Sonny Barger meets Barbie), directed by Sam Peckinpah. Sam was golden another good ole boy who started his days with a bottle of Tequila, some weed, a poke of a Vitamin B12 and C mix, half a pack of Gitanes. Sam Peckinpah was a genuine genius of a filmmaker, very self effaced and resigned. McQueen at times could be a a prima donna on the set, but was a pro when the cameras where rolling.

"THE GETAWAY" IS ONE OF THE COOLEST FILMS EVER MADE!!! There is  a  cameo appearance by one of my all time favorite square hipsters characters, Slim Pickens. His brother Nose Pickens was a rodeo star in the 1950s. Warren Oates also had a role in "The Getaway". Oates was the coolest and hardest drinking red neck to hit Hollywood. "The Getaway" is in Black and White and was ripped off in man ways by "No Country for Old Men", long silences, people on the fringe in cheap hotels, the Mexican Border  different groups trying to get a bag of money). So " The Getaway" lived on in a way 45 years, having been ripped by "No Country for Old Men"

Steve McQueen Epilogue

When I wrote this story I was only three quarters through his biography. To label McQueen at all is very difficult, as I have said. I am going to stick my neck out on this, labeling is like "painting color on a chameleon" but I think he was on a vision quest. To say that he was merely a prick would not be far. As I got into the last third of the McQueen bio I began to see that there was a very brave, strong and heroic figure in this complex person, as this poor man was facing death at the very young age of fifty-three.

Steve really was a the type of figure I often celebrate in my stories, a man living on the fringe. There was a sad, gentle and heartfelt side to this money manipulating Chinaman. He often gave money to ordinary Joes who were broke or down and out, the guys he identified with growing up poor in the depression.

But even more interesting to me than his philanthropy is that McQueen, as it turns out, was on vision quest. He was constantly surrounded by things, biker buddies, wives and mechanics, Hollywood power people, but still felt alienated and alone. Anger and frustration also played a role in his search for the Great Spirit. And maybe being a bad ass and fucking every thing that moved, having great motorcycles and cars, doing peyote with the Navajos, played into his quest as well.

Finding …Spirit…I mean real Spirit, the natural Earth Spirit of the Navajos, maybe that is what he was really after. The Spirit Steve got from flying his Stearman Airplane through the Southern California Sky..not the Pope's or Jerry Farewell's "call me up on the telephone God" or God you get by sitting in a Church.

Steve McQueen's path to Spirit! True grit, soul, peyote , great motorcycles, great sex, Navajos, and Old Milwaukee Beer, TRUE SALVATION BABY!!!~
Quotes  and research from"McQueen" biography by Christopher Sandford

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