Aleistar Crowley was born Edward Alexander Crowley in Lemington, Warwickshire, England in 1875. He felt that he was born with special powers to be Lucifer's prophet. Crowley was the son of a brewer, his father was a part-time preacher in the Plymouth brethren. Senior Crowley was a zealot who would deliver powerful anti sex, anti freedom of thought and anti being sermons that spawned heavy guilt trips on his parishioners causing inklings of  powerless. This gave cause for the unlettered and poor people to recoile from one another in guilt and confusion, neurotically.  The rigid social and cultural yokes laid on the people of  Victorian society caused the English people to live uninspired, hackneyed and boring lifes.

Aleistar was presented with the task of preaching along side his father at the age of 12.  By 15 young Crowley rebelled against the draconian Victorian Jesus yoke.  With as much zealotry as his Reverend father clasp the Bible to his bosom, young Aleistar did a one-eighty to the dark side embracing the tenebrous teachings of the occult, which he would pursue through his life. 
Aleistar Crowley was a brilliant academic, poet, writer and performance artist.  His creative mind and free thinking were off the chart for the 19th Century. By 17 he was cast to the stones by zombie eyed religious parents who were afraid of him. Upon testing, interviewing and presenting his writings to Trinity College, Cambridge he was immediately accepted without trepidation. His early work at Cambridge was black art,  brilliant and ground breaking theologic thinking, cracking a hole through the heavy fuck -yoke of the Victorians. 

After three quarters Crowley outgrew Cambridge, he took what he needed from Cambridge, Learning Latin, Eastern Studies, Geometric form, Symbolism, Numerology, Archeology, History of Ancient Roman, Greek Classics, Mythology. Eygptian Sun Gods, The Sun as God, Alchemy. All as a compass to map out dark movement, free-world thinking, drugs, free sex and fun with evil! LORD what a breath-taking-space, in the fixated, fuck guilt yoke of the VICTORIAN ERA------ " DO WHAT THY WILL" , hail LUCIFER!
In the 19th Century, Crowley was a member of secret societies. By 20 Aleistar joined the "HERMANTIC ORDER OF THE GOLDEN DAWN" the first order and  lowest tier of the "SOCIETUS ROSICURIANAS EN ANGLIA", (S.R.I.A.),  founded by "FREEMASONS" Samuel Mathers, William Woodman and William Hardon. (S.I.R.A.) was a appending body to the FREEMASONS. Later Hardon went on the find "THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY'' another organization dedicated to the study of occult and mystical unwritten law. Many freethinkers and artist of the times were listed as members of these secret societies of (S.I.RA.), "GOLDEN DAWN, FREEMASONS and THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY. People such a the poet William Butler Yeats, Joseph Conrad, Jon Cocteau, Pope Joseph II,  Marcel Duchamp, Dali, Picasso, Fredrick Fellini, Truffaut, Thomas Mann, Herman Hesse.
The teachings of the Secret Societies are presented to aspirants as layers of curriculum to build a  foundation. Still in sync with FREEMASON learning structures of today.  The layers of curriculum could be represented as follows:
THE GOLDEN DAWN the outer or first layer of curriculum, but all three layers collectively are known as THE GOLDEN DAWN.
First Level or Outer Level: GOLDEN DAWN is based on the study of the HERMANTIC QABALAH ( root: Mystic Judaic study of Kabbalah).  The curriculum focuses on three elements;  Qabalah, Tarot and Astrology.
Intermediate Level or Inner Level: THE RUBY ROSE AND CROSS OF GOLD teaches the use of magic in everyday life to cast spells to influence political, economic events, love or personal endeavor. Astral travel for free flying fun with ANGELS or DEMONS.  Entering souls of political figures or to alter their focus to GOOD or EVIL. It is said that the BLUE BLOOD CONSPIRATORS OF EUROPEAN GENTRY, purveyors of the ILLUMINATI, ---300 year old plot of  BLUE BLOOD genetic linage to become EARTH KINGS AND DEMI-GODS, to use 500,000 survivors as chattel or slaves for material support, BLUE BLOODS, living in sufferage utopia, a perfect world of demigods, nobility--- empowered Crowley to  associate with the founders of Nazism. Crowley genetically engineered Hitler using astral projection and curses to fine tune his (Hitler's) inner-man to extraordinary rank of evil. He cut the chain of young Hitler as the eldest child and ruptured baby Adolph's umbilical cord  injecting it with demon bile. Planting the black seed in Hitler and lighting a macabre black charismatic aura to attracted other human demons of black bile, (Hitlers Henchman). In behest, to achieve greater genocide for the masters of the ILLUMINATI, killing off more of the earth's population. As Crowley whaled into the dimness of the 20th Century devilry, HAIL the dark one, LUCIFER (hail SATAN!). 

Fabled Third Level : THE SECRET CHIEFS: Members who had risen above the real world,  and who live mostly in the ether-world. Some might call them ghost, but they are not ghost. Hardly, lost spirits banging around in ether-world, but inordinately evolved psyche beings that take human or spirit form at will. Psyche beings that can influence world events. THE SECRET CHIEFS are not ANGELS, neither GOOD or EVIL. They "DO WHAT THY WILL"! At times evil, doing vile and shocking things, repulsive deeds, moving through the ether-world, committing extrasensory vandalism for kicks, circumspection, wariness, striking down babies or children. They might assassinate world leaders, or taxi drivers. Their motives are unclear. At other times THE SECRET CHIEFS, might play ANGEL and save someone from a car wreak. They operate with no consistent modus ponens. One thing for sure they don't give a flying fuck about plain-vanilla, no great shakes Joe Blow weighted down in material motives of the world. Nor are they moved by award winning people with accolades, Nobel Prize, Oscars or Grammy winners. Celebrities were marks that they would play with by spiking their tea, or creating compromising situations to dishonor, shame or embarrass them.  Political leaders are marks to assassinate, they will fill their (world leaders) souls with evil or use world leaders to gain control of events. Overall though, THE SECRET CHIEFS care little about human-kind, their woes or troubles. They are a free wheeling lot whose motives are not known.
ASIDE: From my research, I am not sure why Crowley summoned the brobdingangian plumb of evil in the 20th Century. Was it a grand experiment? 
Did Aleistar get sadistic sexual pleasure garnered from suffering and torture of others?  Crowley saw first hand the poor souls of  the Concentration Camps while touring Germany with his friend Herman Goebbels. Or was Crowley a member of THE SECRET CHIEFS? Enjoying the pleasures of the material world, chosen to write a aspirants' curriculum. 
Was Crowley a son of the Devil doing Lucifers work? Or was he a puppet of the Illuminati Blue Blood conspiracy? Doing his evil to reduce world population through genocide?  The scope and envelopment of Crowley in the evil circumstance of the Nazi Holocaust as well as Stalin's Gulag, Mao's Revolution of One (All genocides of immensity) will never be known. But, he was there in spirit and as a material force. And perhaps he was one of THE SECRET CHEIFS by the 20th Century, able to influence world political phenomenon from the spiritual and the material world. Crowley never really gave a press conference to the world explaining what he was capable of or did (No one would believe him anyways).  What Crowley did leave behind is a detailed curriculum and course illustrated with geometrics, numerology and latin, parts of which are still in-scripted as curriclum for Freemasons, Skull & Bones and Wegans today. DE LIBRE OF ALEISTAR CROWLEY is the chronicle he left behind to explain his years of experiment in black occult and evil.
In 1904 Crowley traveled to Egypt with his new bride Rose.  Aleistar had a mystical experience on a barren moon night, the planets were in line with Scorpio 3-2-1, a night of fine crescent moon and star, a pernicious black night. A night of little faith or inspiration, a flat night. A night to hide in your tent and pray in earnest to whatever God who might take pity on one's poor crestfallen earthling soul. 
Rose began to behave bizarrely in Cairo. Rose had occurrences of seizures, convulsions, uncontrollable orgasms like waterfalls that shook her body. Rose was in a smashing state,  frenzied sermonizing in ancient tongues. Crowley felt Roses soul, spirit, and womb had been raped and purged by THE SECRET CHIEFS.  Rose's voice from beyond gave Aleistar instructions to perform a invocation at the EGYPTIAN TOMB of HURUS, which was a success. Crowley learned that he was a prophet with a message to deliver to the  material world. The voice told Crowley to wait for further instructions from the pneuma suzerain THE SECRET CHIEFS. He was told to give the world a alternative curriculum to the BIBLE,  the LIBRE DE ALEISTAR CROWLEY. Only the LORD above or LUCIFER below will ever know how Crowley mandated and unchained the vile nefariosisms on the 20th Century and for what reasons?
Aleistar Crowley wanted to fashion a reformist alternative to the transcendent impediment of  20th century ironclad, tight-lipped, bovine, exactitude of  Catholicism and Anglicism. Anglican theologic interpretations of GOD as secret and unascertained HEAVAN. As something you can't see but can only accept on faith. Religious leaders of the times laid down anachronistic laws that were chaste and guilt ridden. Religious laws that frustrated and stupefied the masses, "the yoke of  feudalism". Laws that forbid free love, gay sex, masturbation, nudity, freedom of art and expression. Worst of all, THEOLOGIC DOGMA that should bring one to the inner-part of ether-al galaxia was used to block astral traveling, projection, deep soul rebirthing and transcendentalism, the very things that human-kind needs and needed to connect to our SUN KING GOD. 
ASIDE: As far as the 21 Century is concerned---American variety Evangelism, Jewish or Muslim zealotry, belief as anachronism---- little has changed. These medieval and obsolescent religions do create war, guilt and mystic blockade on Planet Earth. Aleistar Crowley as a artist, prophet and free thinker saw through the bullshit, and did his own fucking thing---DO AS THY WILL--- Enjoying dope, orgy, pagan ritual, astral projection, writing free verse poetry. His life style scared most people then and now.
In his autobiography "The Confessions of Aleistar Crowley" he said: "I was remarkable from the moment of birth. I bore the three most important distinguishing marks of a Buddha. I was tongue-tied, and on the second day of my incarnation a surgeon cut the fraenum linguae (tongue). I also had the characteristic membrane, which necessitated an operation phimosis three lustres later. Lastly, I hade upon the centre of my heart four hairs curling from left to right in the exact form of a Swastika."
Crowley was known as the "Wickedest Man in the World" in the 19th and 20th centuries. In the Victorian era his life style was off the charts. The press had a field day with his outrageous appearance and utterances. Today his behavior could be compared perhaps to certain temporal and passing behavior of rock stars, movie stars or rappers----Jimmy Page, Ozzy Osbourne, The Rolling Stones and even The Beatles were perhaps possible confederates of Aleistar Crowley for a fleeting period only, or at least have studied his curriculum in LA LIBRE OF ALEISTAR CROWLEY. Rappers Tupac Sukar and 50 Cent often sang of the GANSTA ILLUINATI---. AC was a world traveler, mountaineer, chess player, a gifted performance artist, a free thinker, a junky who experimented with, opium, mescaline, ganja, ether, morphine. He was a poet and artist who was tweaking square and spurious Victorian morays. 
Many of his writings and thoughts seem to be as relevant today as they were in the 19th and 20th Century, especially with 21st Century obsession with ARMAGEDDON, RAPTURES and the coming of the ANTI-CHRIST 666. Crowley if alive today could have played the role of ANTI-CHRIST to perfection. Not only as a actor on the world stage, but using the powers of THE SECRET CHIEFS to bring on RAPTURES. 
Crowley writings also include teachings of TAO, the CONFUCIAN philosophy of YIN & YANG.  AC's curriculum in  LA LIBRE  addresses good as well as evil as magnetic self activating forces.
In the LIBRI  chapter, "Pentecost" in the text "The Sword Song" Crowley explains himself in a poem that is both revealing and chilling.  Aleistar's poem as follows, addresses the YIN & YANG, the ancients, the idea that the SUN IS GOD. And, he takes a informal belt at the press of the day, funny chaps---who in reality were utterly clueless of the gradation and sheer stratums dominion of Crowley's influence on the Nazi's and other evil-doers of the 20th Century.
I find some folks think me (for One)
So great a fool that I disclaim Indeed Jehovah's hate for shame
That man today should not be weaned
Of worshipping so foul a fiend
In presence of the living Sun
Any yet replace him oiled and clean
By Egyptian Pantheon,
The same thing by another name.
Thus when late Egyptian Pantheon,
The same thing by another name.
Thus when late Egyptian Gods
Evoked ecstatic periods
In verse of mine, you thought I praised
Or worshipped them--I stand amazed.
I merely wished to chant in verse
Some aspects of the Universe
Summed up these subtle forces finely,
And sang of them (I think divinely)
In name and form; a fault perhaps--
Reviewers are such funny chaps!
I think ordinary folk, 
Though, understood the things I spoke. 
For Gods, and devils too, I find
Are merely modes of my own mind.
Crowley was well versed in BUDDHIST TEACHING,  understanding that at times good and evil was centered between one's ears.
 In SVB FIGVRA X he details his mission on earth as a prophet. He explains that he sees both light and dark in himself.  AC calls the rays he sends forth to the small dark orb (the world or earth) V.V.V.V.V. .
AC sees himself as coming from beyond the Space of the dark orb. To deliver words that the world is not yet ready to hear. (very true in the 19th century and even now perhaps).
Crowley believes that certain men received his message.  He feels his universal knowledge is not for all men. That few are called but many are chosen. 
He speaks of " many and diverse conditions of life upon this earth. In all these is some seeds of sorrow. Who can escape from sickness and death. (true enough)
And in the spirit of the "Course of Miracles"  he speaks of a life intense with knowledge and extreme bliss which is untouched by earthlings but lives amongst us. 
So perhaps Crowley has a lighter side too. Maybe the truth he found in experiments with occult and ethereal phenomenon reveals more universal truth than the major religions of the day. But much of it is just too shocking for most ears and eyes of our times. 
As Crowley began to live in the spiritual world more using mescal, esoteric teachings and chanting, he began to speak of a wonder in the third world that was a enriching and splendorous. " They shall say he is lost in the clouds. But he shall rejoice in the sunlight" THE SUN IS GOD.
ASIDE: Crowley s teachings in LE LIBRE OF ALEISTAR CROWLEY are astronomical and ginormous. I don't attempt to wear the hat of the scholar or evoker here. The story is my interpretation of what Crowley was about, there are many more astute and sagacious studies of Aleistar Crowley than my simple story. THIS IS JUST A STORY! conjured up by the beast Figaro Lucowski, a jollification of hedonism perhaps. 
ASIDE: In the interest of the reader I think it might be interesting to give a brief synopsis of Aleistar Crowley's latter years. In his life he was a infant-terrible, a literary and erudite pet of High Society. He bedded many wealthy and beautiful heiresses. High Society Dames of the time had a bizarre fascination with the occult, so it opened allot of financial doors for Crowley. He was not as accepted in Academia of the day. I think his extramundane, ethereal and paranormal prowess were not  part of 19th and early to mid 20th Century Academia. And put simply, MOST WOULD NOT BELIEVE THE SHIT HE DID AND WAS CAPABLE OF DOING ANYWAYS? 
In Crowley's latter life he lived life beyond his means. It could be said that Crowley ether-world travel and evil doing as grounded in fantasy perhaps, were not earthen for financial chastity and restraint. Notwithstanding, was the fact that he never shook his drug addiction and was heavily addicted till death. By 1939 he had to file for bankruptcy. His popularity as Master of High Society which-craft was finished, even the ether-world couldn't help him now from his bad karma. His books DIARY OF A DRUG ADDICT and MAGICK IN THEORY AND PRACTICE provided small royalties,  he was forced to live in a boarding house, as a junky. Crowley's past began to catch up with him while living in England during World War II.  He admitted to being a force in the birth of he Nazi Party and Hitler, saying "Before Hitler, Am I" the comment was a death knoll for Crowley as far as societal acceptance. He died a woeful, pitiful, lamentable and disturbed man. 
In 1947 on December 1, Aleistar Crowley died of a heart attacked caused by his failure to get a script for morphine,  cascading into junk sickness and withdrawal from which he would never return. 
Nobody will ever know what he did or was capable of doing for sure, but he very well was the most powerful and evil Magician of the 19th and 20th Century.


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