Stan Falls for the Tattooed Lady P2

Glennis and Janiski were crapulously blasted one night at Morays. They smoked a joint in the alley at closing and wondered through thru Hyde Park, crouching low in the bushes, like scouts, hunting.  When they got tired of playing army, they laid in the grass and looked up in the midnight sky. 
Janiski asked Glennis why she inked  so many tattoos on her skin. It was weird thing to do in the late 50s. Glennis said it was weird, but it was   the one thing she could do that no one could take away from her. And then Glennis asked Stan why he was so ugly? Stan was way beyond  caring about it. He said cause his Ma dropped him on his face when he was born. But the real mystery here was what would cause Glennis choose  to cover her body in tattoos over seven yrs starting at  15. She enjoyed cutting herself with a razor as well, scarification, the pain would caused her to leave her body.  She felt different from  other people.  It was a kick for her to sit on display in the freak tent. She often would shoot up before the show, or turn on.  In the two piece swimsuit she wore, she made extra money at times taking her top off. He tats were all green ink small but like a mosaic. Not a great ink suit but it was flashy somehow, her tattoos  fit together geometrically on her body. Like the green panther whose red eye was over her mainline, she would shoot up and say stuff like" as seen through the tigers eye"
Then Stan got the idea to take the early ferry to the "Statue of Liberty." 

They bought a bottle of Kalua and mixed it with coffee to warm up.
Glennis liked the French neo post modern design of the statute and thought it would be lovely to have the head and upper torso of "Lady Liberty" tattooed on her heart. 
The couple had to take a elevator to the crown and then walk 75 steps to the flame. on the 36 step Stanley fell back-words on a untied gym shoe lace and tumbled down 23 stairs. He broke his nose in three places, broke his shoulder and leg in three places. Stan would walk with limp the rest of his life. 
The circus was only in Town for another week and Stan had to make a decision to stay at the pawn shop or go with the Glennis to the summer home of the Ringling Bros. Circus Sarasota, Florida. Stan worked the marks with the a bean and cup game for three months. Stan then opened a pawn shop in Sarasota with a loan from Sam. Stan was a great success. 
One night Jiniski, Glennis, Quinn ( a acrobat) and Leo the Lion tamer took Stan's speed boat from Key West to Jamaica. It was no ocean goer, but it had two Mercury outboard 175 horse power engines. She was made  of  Tiki wood,  with 11 coats of polyurethane. 
A kind of  dirty river, tunnel of love, junk skiff. Fast and sleazy.  It had a couple of captain chairs at the stern, with a wooden and glass windshield and pink canopy. Glennis and Stan had sailor caps with gold skull and bones embroidered on them.  The the midsection and the stern were decked out with square fake leopard skin plastic floats or pillows. When you opened up the 175 horse Mercs on the back, the stern was pushed into the air. 
The freaks were flying high, with a case of beer, coca and ganja too boot. At 2am the 4 headed to Jamaica. They moored the skiff off shore, and floated  their stuff in beer coolers ashore. Once ashore they all shot up some junk. They were only 4 meters from and hitchhiked to Kingston.
Quinn ( the acrobat) and Leo the Lion tamer got in a fight on the jungle road to  Kinsgston, over money and they were junk sick.  Quinn knocked Leo out with one kick, using Savate. Quinn then preceded to empty Leo's pockets of all his cocoa, money and weed. 
The foursome rented two cheap hotel rooms in Kingston. At a place called the St. Louis. 
Glennis and Stan were deeply in love, having dated for four years, they decided to marry, later,  by Voodoo wedding on the way to Kingston. Two freaks find love, in a the loveless world of outcast. 
Glennis got a green tattoo of the head of "Miss Liberty" over her heart.
Stan got his first tattoo, a heart with a snaked raped around it and a banner  tattooed his chest. Tattoos meant something to Glennis, the tattooed lady of Ringling Bros. Circus. For her there was nothing deeper than getting a tattoo.  Crowds of people would line up and pay to see Glennis, she was a  freak in their minds. People love to look at freaks. 
Aside: Today being tattooed is accepted but it wasn't when Glennis was tattooed in the 50s, especially for women, guys could get a Armed Forces Tattoo, or rites of passage stuff, but not many women would get them. 
Jumpin Jesus  Jehosevus Christ, Funkin Nassau.  Kingston didn't know it but the circus was coming to town. This  was bigger  Castro's Cuba Revolution, five years after the revolution. 
You could  drink cheap State Rum, listen to reggae music on the jukebox,  dance close sexy state sanctioned fucking like Sambas ! Score weed, score Cubano Cigars,  freak show was good to go. 
Glennis got a job in a magic show in Kingston showing tits and tattoos. 
Stan went up in the hills one day and found some shrooms, which led him to a Voodoo Priestess in a pink house that swayed in the wind. She agreed to mary Stan and Glennis. 
So the wedding party was the soon to be couple , Stan and Glennis, Quinn with his new Cuban girl, Chicita, Leo had a girl too, Anna Bellum.
A Voodoo Wedding is held within accordance with moon cycles, and always at night. It was a nontraditional and private wedding. Only six people and the priestess. The Wedding started at 830 pm during a low crescent moon. A bonfire was started using driftwood, palm and dried leaf. The dress for the bride, groom and guest was banana leaf. The Priestess wore a wrinkled white wedding dress and a turban.
Everyone was getting very wasted on rum and ganja. The priestess was beginning to blow rum over the bonfire, propelling balls of flame. Then all of a sudden the flames took the image of the Devil, who began to speak and asked for a drink of rum.  The evil Devil performed the wedding ceremony.  
After the Devil left as the bonfire decoiled, the party was kind of adrift. 
End of Part 2 "Jiniski & the Tattooed Lady

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