The Freak Show Opens p6

Impressively, the sailor Hunkytree and the indian Turd on the Run had built a geodesic dome slash teepee that was a stupa to the eye. 

Glennis's paintings square by square on the canvas:  paintings of Aliestar Crowley and the Devil 666, the baby Jesus good luck charm stattuete for coke dealers, all the occult symbols on the horoscope, paintings of the attractions; Coke the albino Leopard, the little girl midget wrastlers, Quinn twisted up in a knot, Glennis nude showing her tattooed body. 

Patch by patch, the stupa incandescently and psychedelically gave off  wicked, freaky, fluorescent energy particularly when the blue lights were focused on the tent. 

The show roster was as follows:
1. Chica, Bonita and Marie the tattooed midget girls would come out and have a wrastling match, they would go into the audience and dump popcorn on the Mexicans and take their cotton candy away.  Stan the ring master, (wearing red riding jodhpurs, engineer boots, a tux shirt and his Captains hat embroidered with a gold skull and bones) would  run into the audience for suspense, pick up all three of the tattooed little ones, to save the Mexican audience from the abuse and carry the midget wrastlers  out of the tent. 
2. Quinn would come to center stage, tie himself into a knot and offer 500 Pesos to anyone in the audience who could untie him.
3. Turd on the Run would come to center stage holding a live white rat, hold it up by its tale, place it's head  into his mouth and eat it.
4. Glennis the tattooed lady would come out in a bikini and hang up side down from a line, with a blue light focused,  giving her tattoos a third dimension, all the time extending her arms straight out horizontally, looking like a upside down occult cross.
5. Even Hunkytree the sailor ( who was AWOL)  got in on the show, he would come to center stage holding a baby doll with a lit cigarette glued to its mouth,  talking to the doll and dance with it.  The Mexicans liked it. 
6. The closing act was the " Leopard Tamer " . Chica would stand outside the dried mesquite cage holding a plate of apple pie a la mode, Coke would stare at the pie intently, growling and looking ferocious long enough for Leo to hold up a chair and crack his bullwhip a couple of times. When they let Coke out of the cage he would go eat his pie. After the pie he was cool and the kids could come down to pet him.

Stan had enough planks to seat 600 people, but only 57 people lived in Las Brisas. On a cost accounting basis the numbers were not good. Mexico city was 13 kilometers from Mexico City. Stan's target audience were eccentrics and  thrill seekers, weirdoes from all social levels. Stan spent a week before the first show hanging posters all over the city. 

It was a beautiful ride on a tree line road to Las Brisas from Mexico City. Stan scheduled  the first show on a full moon night. 

Stan would never forget the first show. As the freak family sat in the fortune telling tent knowing that they could count on their friends from Las Brisas to show, not knowing if anyone from Mexico City would show. And then Turd on the Run came racing into the fortune telling tent and says to Stan, " Boss there is a caravan of cars, buses, donkey carts coming this way. 

The show was sold out every-night for  the whole  four month run, Stan's old man Sam made a shit load of money wired to him in Brooklyn. After four months in Las Brisas the show was ready to move on to America.

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