Stan builds a freak show p 5

In a week or so, Stan, Glennis, Quinn, Leo, the Sailor, Seaman 5th class Hunktree, (who was handy and treated his midget girlfriends with respect as a protector and a lover). Got hired by Stan to help with the show.

The little Mexican gals besides being able to wrastle were cute. They had natural black curly hair and pierced noses with gold rings. Leo was looking for a cat and found a Leopard which were extinct. The Lepord was albino, so this was a impossible catch.( which he named Coke) . The albino Leopard was malnourished because he was too blind to hunt. Coke let Leo carry him back to the camp. Also while up in the hills, Leo found shrooms and yage, which he sold for 800 oz. . Needless to say, The Great Spirit was looking down on Leo He fed Coke allot of rabbit meat, frogs, rats, dogs and apple pie which Coke ala mode, which Coke loved.

Stan found a old bullfighting ring 30 Kilometers outside of Mexico City in a town called Las Bresas. The owner rented it to Stan for only 40 pesos, plus free tickets, free ganja, tequila and and a dozen chickens.

The troupe lived in the bullfighters quarters, bullfighting was off season. The freak troupe had the whole place to themselves. The quarters was made of dried old wood, and had a couple of extra rooms and a small prayer station which was turned into a living room. Glennis and the little ladies hung Indian prints from the dry wood rafters, burnt prayer candles and incense. It would be the fortune teller tent. Leo could use one of many bull stalls and staple chicken wire to house the albino Lepard, Coke, as he became known. Although Coke was gentle as a pussy cat unless he didn't get his apple pie ala mode.

Stan would have to rent the same Mexican bus for the supply trip to Mexico City, 35 minutes away. Sheerly unmintigated with the spirit of the Reverend T. Lawrence Shannon, things would be dicy for sure, the spirit Shannon radiates light like a crucifix-spotlight even today on old school buses in Mexico. Glennis, Leo and Stan would do the shopping, there was plenty of locally grown food in the Las Bresas markeT. To build a great freak show at Las Bresas, Stan needed wood canvas, paint nails, planks, a sound system.

Stans' dad Sam was still running the pawnshop in Brooklyn. Stan offered 25% interest in the show. The old pawnbroker loved his son, had money by the millions in his mattress, and believed in his sons ability to get things done.

They had taken the seats out of the Reverend T. Lawarence Shannon special school bus and had the rack on the roof to carry lumber, planks. It was sunny and dry outside, the freak builders went to work.

One day, comin out of the hills a Navajo Indian showed up. His name was "Turd on the Run". He had fled the U.S.A hoping for a better life in Mexico, getting lost in the hills, almost making it to Mexico City he drifted into Las Bresas. Stan hired him for room and board, and all the ganja he could smoke. If Turd touched whiskey he would be run off the sight at gun point.

They would keep the bullfighters quarters as was, use if for fortune telling. . Stan wanted a one ring, but lofty circus tent. The open part of the bull ring consisting of hard pack red mud mostly would be used of donkey rides and the bean and cup cons. He had a vision of a Geodesic dome that would rest on sawdust and the packed dirt. The sailor Hunkytree and the Navajo Turd on the Run came in real handy. Stan drew up a rough design in the sand. They would build a Geodesic dome with a teepee top. The had bought more canvass in Mexico city, ( in addition to the canvas they brought on the "Outlaw Skiff" from Jamaica) and paint, also some simple strung light bulbs and Christmas lights. A dimly lighted color and eerie night time.

They used sail canvass to cover the geo dome with teepee on top made by Turd on the Run and Hunkytree.

Glennis did all the art work, painting the canvas patchwork fashion, she was talented, and loved Freida Kahlo

The structure ended up looking like a STUPA.

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