Stan Meets the Midget Mexican Tattooed Ladies P4

Things weren't  paying so well in Kingston. The small circus the four put together was good, Leo trained a Jamaican Wild Cat, and Quinn could  tie himself in a not.  Glennis mad some bread as the tattooed lady, but had to show tit . Stan one night while gambling with  the pod game and almost got killed by a drunk Jamaican. 
When Quinn and Leo's women found they were broke they left them, things were getting low. 
The crew was living in a one room sleazy cheap motel room, sea green color, with a single hanging light bulb, shared watershed facilities, walls molded, paint chipping. 
All da freaks could put together to get high, was Jamaican beer and roll your own, Drum. 
Stan should have just kept his pawnshop in Miami. He wasn't used to being broke. 
One night the crew was sitting around the campfire, Leo says to Stan " Stan try this!"
The had a bag of raw peeled garlic they bought for cooking in the market. Leo says stan eat 5 cloves of  garlic, then roll a drum cigarette and tell me if that isn't the best tasting smoke ever. Leo says "And the Garlic is good for you raw, good for the heart." Stan did what Leo suggested and damn if that cigarette didn't taste good. 
Finally the gang of 4 freaks decided they couldn't make any money in Jamaica and it was a dumb ideal in the first place. So the group who didn't want to go back to the U.S.A decided to give Mexico a go, put together a  small show in Mexico, Mexico is a freaks show. 
Stan's boat was having the bottom scrapped in Kingston, and the oil changed in the Mercs out boards, to get ready for the ocean trip to Mexico. Stan didn't have a big boat, a skiff. But he was a tough sailer.
The plan was to buy some army tents for living and a old mess tent without sides for the show. They could have a gross of circus  signs painted on canvas in Mexico for fuck all. And they hoped to recruit a few more acts.
When Stans tiki wood skiff was scrapped of plankton and the other ocean shit , he had 5 coats of polyurethane but on the bottom. Most seaman wouldn't attempt to use a skiff for ocean travel through the gulf of Mexico, but the sharp bow was lifted even hire by mercs on the stern. Stan knew what he was doing. His boat by the way was called "Outlaw Sloop".
As usual the freaks got good an wasted at "The Blue Blood" a local Kingston bar and took off for Mexico City about 2am. 
They packed the skiff with coolers of beer and rum, ganja, smoked sail fish, and the used army tents the were going to use for the traveling Mexican freak show. 
Stan with his flat face, cauliflower ears and repaired hair lip was quite a site in his old whit skippers hat, with its  gold skull and cross bones embroidered on. But don't let the looks fool you, Stan could navigate with only a sexton, compass and the constellations. He could navigate looking at the stars on smack and did when he could. 
By the time the gang docked the skiff at Santa Pedro, 44 kilometers from Mexico, they tied down the skiff.  Stan had navigated through the liquid fires of hell, all in the party were junked out or passed out except for the tough old skipper Stan. Who was drunk and unshaven. 
Juiced, Stan would get the freak show to the rim of fiery hell Mexico Mexico City by day light. The had a reservation at 
"Mucho la Playa"  that night and hired a few beach boys to help unload the skiff, who nailed coconut trees together to float the tents and coolers ashore.  They hooked with up old bus to drive them to Hotel Mucho la Playa"  The makings of the Mexico Freakshow had landed. 
Tennessee Williams deja-vous, 4 broken down outsiders souls. Blessed though to be living in the real world, not a mock up world of players.  On  the verge of  nervous breakdowns, financially insolvent Reverend T. Lawrence Shannon last chance on a old bus seeking refuse from the world of the tried and the true,  the mundane, the, boxed in grey, world of same old same old, same old moral majority of the 50s and 60s. 

Stan, Glennis, Leo and Quinn had no choice, born outsiders, but they learned to enjoy every minute of the life of real the avant garde real world they lived in. 
Aside: Somehow living as a  outsider, take a Stan Jijinski, a Bukowski. Anyone born with deformities or brain damage, or a great genius. Take Sylvia Plath who played the part of the insider soccer mom, but later found that being part  the conventional  inside world was a big lie, and not he source of art. 
Once settled in the " Mucho de Playa" a cheap hotel in a rat infested area Stan started asking where the deformed, the lepers, the tattoo parlors, whore house, opium dens were.
For a hundred pesos the midget bellman was happy to direct them to the the " Fresco Jesus Taco-Revolutionary  Square.  All the street lights had been shot out.  You could hear the shamans plying maracas. People burned incense at shrines.
Stan got the the crew high and good to go. They bought some clothes,  suits, dresses and shit. The guys wanted long white leather pimp boots with pointed toes. 
They smoked a joint before going out. The room was the color of tea stains. The curtains were ragged, like gauze. the crew's second hand  clothes were cool.
Glennis was wearing a low cut red dress that was flared. It showed her tattoos on her arms and shoulders as well as the leg tattoos. 
The boys found some old theater ushers uniforms to wear. The white pimp boots looked cool with em.
The midget bellman, Fernando turned on to, like the midget guy in the film "Ray". They got a taxi. 
Well, the first bar they hit was " Dog Puddle" . It was like striking gold. Stan saw three tattooed midget woman, sitting in a booth with a sailor. 
Stan picked a table next to the sailors booth, Quinn, Glennis , Leo and Stan  sat down.  The attractive midget  girls started eye-balling Glennis' tattoos.  They didn't have nearly as many tats as Glennis 

Right away, Stan bought the Sailor and his girls a bottle of Mescal and passed over a few joints. 
Stan made a big hit with this gesture. The two parties joined up.  The sailors name was Hunkytree and the little midget girls were Chica, Bonita and Maria. The girls all talked about tattoos, and the sailor said he could fix anything and was a builder. Then to the utter amazement and joy of Stan, the midget girls said they were wrastlers as well. As it turned out they were between jobs and were happy to work.

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