Hoochino Anyday

In bar rooms full of Red Skins with Pinedust sand on tier.

Where Whisky brawls with Gin and ichor flows in path as

Gats flash bang bang down in count, let Inner Spirit out.

Amnesiac of prodigium, Demon and Messenger of Great Spirit,

Bacchic wars of Big Horn on every crescent, Sanctorum Reservation.

Heat, heat and more heat, bleeds the blind sided Buck Skin Tee Pee.

Specters, are amongst the dingus in this Holy War of Hoochino.

Specters, like the sonar of the Eagle that sees all at nightfall

Specters of the blind poets in the Diablo Bar flooded with Starlight

Specters, as unfading hazard of Red Skin kind, Hoochino anyday.

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