The Lizard King

He was the "Lizard King" who drove on Empty. He was Hercules speaking Greek, the Sun King to boot, he was Victor Mature and Lawrence Harvey.

Quick as a Rattlesnack, he could dance on his feet, roll over, he played Marimbas and Spoons, he was a flat back brand new crisp Dollar Bill, fit tight to the pocket in a Black Leather Wallet with a Silver Chain.

Hummingbirds, iguanas, avatars, monarchs, spirits, id, lizards, angels, ghost, circuses, psyches, dreams, covered in Electric Snow.

It was the time of the long hair freaky people, the ones that ate Mushrooms, Yucca bushes, Banyon trees and vines, they pulsated, exhaled, oozing orgone rays in High Jungle County.

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doran said...

Interesting group of poems you have here. I especially enjoyed reading 'The Lizard King', though saddened at his plight and of the freaky people nobody knows.