Saint Pablos

Oil of French Perfume, round and fat as the Mardis Gras, psychedelic beer, drunken wine high.

Dark skinned hash boy carrier burning bricks of flowers and buds, smell so good.

Blue Cubano Cigars licked by Marlene Dietrich, ruby red Lipstick stains, blood stained scratches on face.

Seven Iguanas were gutted, cleaned and boiled in whiskey with water, cut up and washed down with Mescal, Beer, Beans and Tortilla last night @ Al Loco Cafe.

The New York Museum of Modern Art will replicate the motorcycles of "Easy Rider" both Billy's and Captain America's, as well as a 1957 Red Cadillac, fake Sushi for display, Keith Richard's guitar and a Fijian shrunken head.

In the yellow and black Nuclear Energy Plant, the liquified fuel in beer - can swiming pools is clear green and looks like Mountain Dew Pop.

When they sent Sid to Rik's Mille State Home, there was purple phantasm steaming from cracks in frozen walls, and latter, (happily), he evaporates into Spirit.

Three red smoke rings turbo up, a neon staircase of air cork screws its way to next world Nirvana.

Behind a velvet curtain, Gina A. Grade shows a rounded and elliptically lipped, red-brown nipple lining a silky satin bra, her cocoa-colored neck wears a spoon and dagger seizing a jade-link chain clasp.

Lightly dusted oval flaming lips, `tu madre, vaporizing up, out and away from Saint Pablos.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Figgy... Best ever. Love it!