The Ballll Park

its opening day at the ballll park in brooklyn willy mays babe ruth tom waits ty cobb clomps spitting opium spiking the bum chewing tobacco foul far out a mound of dirt with gauze resin bags bean bags tar red sony transistor radios ray ban glasses ball hats rain and bats

socrates steps up on a stump and reads the star spangled banner  in greek to the beer nuts as good as if not better than sousa at the balll park place full of banners and flagstaffs were stars and moon beam mingle with artificial light of night games drunk haze and waves 

fresh cut grass cut like a crew cut brushed back to make a green carpet for the ballad of the unscripted dancing leaping tracing throws of beauty and measured effort attacking the ball with grace homerun ace and strike out

the ball goes back and forth and around, but somebody wins most the time so you can go home eventually

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