John Berryman is Dead

john berryman transfixed by henry on the horrid day he shot
himself or took poison 1 or other to  body bronze full of
electrical waves and all the whiskey in charlotte WXZT radio 
playing classics not lifting him cashing out of room 8 

yes the summer was hot in chinatown mixed up plenty too 
she bled him fed him more booze hour by hour as he scripting
poems combing through garbage dumps dark alleys salvaging
looking for wooden ships cat eyes hypno-erotic ancient oaths

forgive-fulness in golden age of the survival techniques
dead wallpaper peels the yellow room of the notorious
sideways motel pauperized cockroaches swarming by you
as if magnified by a 1000 times in coterie of a dying brain

they stored his cremated ashes in a prince albert tobacco can mixed 
with bougainvillea flowers and thorns playing polka moving
ceremoniously this can of bones to wicker zoo on duchamps 
birthday placing it in gorilla cage to be stomped on allot

as lovely remembrance and monument to tortured life
as seen through tortoise shelled spectacles on elysium fields

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Anonymous said...

wicked. beautiful. takes you places with faded pictures, crumpled.