Fucked Up Out West

crocodile cross in jeans pocket

pan head heavy metal rubber burn

blacktop road opening up ahead as

time flows so fondly in distance

buffaloes grazing on purple panacea

red moon clay hills cactus flowers

chill in the air of new mexico

peyote buds navajo adobes  hills

sunshine breaking up and folding

as bottom falls out of soul being

holding on to scared heart of love

rhythmic medicine man a road map

shaking a rattlesnake tale making

it rain and busting your balls with

lightning at will on the edge of

doom-laden vision going nowhere

bringing it home in the morning

drinking jack daniels for 24 hours

carving devil-head with a bowie knife

in a mesquite tree way out somewhere

reveling in rugged history of desert

skeletal long horns long dead on sand

indian tobacco goes up in smoke

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Anonymous said...

would love to hear you read this. wicked swirling incantation.