Short Note 'Frida & Diago' 1953

at the back doors of the brick-house you could see trance lights and music burning into the night rusty roses galore tragedia of segovia flamingo dance roll over beethtoveen if i don't get lucky where will i lay my head tonight

rockefeller plaza 1956 deigo rivera paints a mural of mexican common man a fateful folk history adorned with  picture of karl marx  capitalist sledgehammer marble blowing it up like a atomic bomb blast

frida kahla lover of classic painting a red yellow colorful slaughter-house spine dripping poppy oil painful out & out images of city girls and ancient inca pride in morse code of the scared paint brush eyeballing artist who painted to live or die in sepia colorless world 

diago telegraphing revolution with brush like frida on fire being a artist a license to be a whore monger saint of color or loyalty knowing that it is impossible to keep up sanity or insanity on dharma trail of old oxide paint and vision

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