life Line

butterflies and scorpion tails

a wahene in a dried grass skirt

3 shots of vodka to wash down 3

lines of cocaine white sun blow

a old shot gun 2 ounces of weed

3 tailored suits worn by no one

a life jacket from the titanic

bubbles flowing by blue clouds

a pink lion riding on the back

of a albino whale through sky

a ocean of long sharp grass waving

good bye as a the town sleeps

old closed down stockyards full

of skeletal remains of buffalo

a building made of triangles

a brass band and large bowl

somethings big long and small

a bag full of symptoms and flu

a copy of todays paper on desk

several aspirin on the floor

a old shipping trunk and lace

a rotten piece of yellow tail

a skunk skin cap with tail

three dark shrunken heads

every bit of it lies near or

between a old record and a

pile of tobacco stained paper

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