to whatever it might be babe

to all the holy ones that line my jacket with your fur

to the summer rain in the fern covered forest 

to the crazy beats who died before the resurrection

to the moondog who barks out wisdom on marble

to the whore on 42nd street who makes with the cum

to the ones who never make it and just fade away

to the donkey show in tijuana for all the hard work

to the clown with the old head of lettuce in the circus

to the people who put on put over put in and pull out

to the racks of garlic bread at antonios in brooklyn 

to the junkies on the corner of lincoln in chinatown 

to the purple riders of the broken dawn out west 

to the freaks who don't give a shit and never will

to my fifth grade teacher in 1963 who sucked me off

to the sacred penis or legume that brings us joy

to  the hipster and freak who live in the vanguard

to big brown nipples on huge d cup tits full of milk

to liverwurst pastrami and corn beef sandwiches 

to blood that runs through you during a full moon 

to a 1000 and one things at a time coming forth

to all the things that keep bein what they are now

to any old thing to me you he them it that or other

to the scared and the profane now hear this  thanks

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