Johnny Believer ( Justin Bieber )


He was a young man who shouldn't have been normal... well?
Well, in his late teens, he was not a big fellow and he rode high in the saddle. You would see him on the boulevard jived on reefer and booze driving his paisley Ferrari in a gold speckled jump suit and orange painted Engineer Boots. The boys sweet face and smile was enough to make young girls everywhere cry. 

At times you would see him with his guitar slung on his back and you knew showtime was near. Johnny Believer  (Justin Bieber)  packed stadiums with teenage girls all over the world, he had allot of talent, the kid was a raw musician with something to say, frustrated with the feeling nobody was listening. 

The kid lived a charmed life doin the stuff any billionaire hip hoper would do... tagging, fucking girls in arena toilette stalls, drinkin, skate boarding, eating junk food, food fights, getting physical and playing grab ass. 

You wondered what was in the cards for Johnny Believer ? It seemed as though the kid was dealt nothin but aces early on, but down the line might get some deuces as his alter ego surfaces --- a grumpy cobweb covered cryptic black and white photo, covered in scar tissue, with a heart that hardly beat, tick tick doc, tick tick doc-- 

So you gotta get it on…. so fuck it throw it away… smoke da reefer say good bye… your’e free I hope darling….??? 

That morning oooo well now.. the Believer got up and got his dick sucked… the little thing wasn’t very big but he sure as hell didn’t need viagra ….. I mean the little shit could stay hard for hours and all the dope in the universe didn’t mean a hoot.

You know  Figaro Lucowski the author was quite a boy in his time who who later got of the subject and lapsed into a hedonistic coma…. where where we… Johnny Believer ok..

Of course the author doesn’t know a friggin thing about him but he will give voice here as best as he can… Believer came into to this life with his eyes wide open like a Dolphin or a baby Seal… maybe the boy was a angel who tumbled to earth… part Lucifer and a part Gabriela but who the fug would-a thought that God meant for him to make so many lady cherubs bust their sacred and sweet little cherries…

You could hardly call what I do “”Art””, Really I just want you to love me some and buy my book… I started this story on the Believer consciously and then lapsed into unconscious comatose of sorts … It's just a exercise Godamn It.

Comparing Johnny Believer to any historic phenomenon…maybe Elvis, Jesus and you know who… Billy Budd… well they were fresh and virginal you know…tired of normal ladies, normal fucking and looking for a goddesses to drop in their lap from the Heavens. Or, maybe like Capote, Tennessee Williams  or Burroughs heroes in the money hole~

But that wasn't Lucowski or the Believer… they were straight until bored…. 

And that is it people… after so many orgasms the hip start looking for another way out and out... oooo we just wanna score some.

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