Making it Rain

Maybe another candy bar would jump-start Henry, more coffee he thought.  Coffee and candy for breakfast.

In Wah Wah Coffee Shop, Muddy Waters on the box,  Henry particularly loved “King Bee” and “I’m Ready,” the stuff Muddy did with Johnny Winters.  Muddy a heart as big as a deer, the King Buddha of the universe, waves of love flowing outward from his heart.

In the old days Henry figured Muddy could make it rain
—It was the stuff of Orgone Energy, Wilhelm Reich, orgasm sex rays rising into the heavens, spreading universal love, making it rain.

Henry  mad or high enough to believe he could make it rain in those days.

Henry’s mind
then and now, A queer world, a roller coaster ride,  the past forgotten as a matter of psychic survival, ZEN>

Henry's dream
— to be known as a poet and writer some, to ramble through the  USA and read in coffee shops and bars,  to make it rain for folks.

Henry and Muddy Waters could make it rain alright.

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